Horace McNeil: Living deaf, blind and homeless during the Great Depression

My grandfather, Robert Orr, was born in 1922 on a farm near the town of Mertens, Texas, 55 miles south of Dallas. He served in the Navy during World War II and then worked as a physicist for many years for Shell Oil, but he never lost his love of farm life. When he retired, … Continue reading

What’s it like to wake up during oral surgery?

Austin Realtor Jason B. Long, now 36, had problems with his teeth growing up. By age 14, he’d lost all his baby teeth, but his eyeteeth were not coming in. His dentist told him he’d need to drill up into his nose area, attach chains to his eyeteeth and link braces to the chains to force … Continue reading

What’s it like to have an eating disorder?

In many ways, Michelle’s story is typical of teenagers everywhere: In middle school and early high school, she was struggling to be popular, figure out her identity, and gain independence from her family. The pressure to be perfect was mounting. Sadly, Michelle’s solution to dealing with these problems was an increasingly common one among teen … Continue reading