So, astronaut Mike Good, what’s it like to go into space?

NASA launched the final mission of the space shuttle Atlantis on July 8, 2011, bringing an end to the American space flight program. So what’s it actually like to go into space? Here, astronaut Mike Good shares his answer to this question. Good has gone on two space shuttle missions on Atlantis. On the first, in … Continue reading

What’s it like to have an eating disorder?

In many ways, Michelle’s story is typical of teenagers everywhere: In middle school and early high school, she was struggling to be popular, figure out her identity, and gain independence from her family. The pressure to be perfect was mounting. Sadly, Michelle’s solution to dealing with these problems was an increasingly common one among teen … Continue reading

Dinnertime on Little Corn Island

On a trip around Central America in 2005, Leila Kalmbach spent time on Little Corn Island, a dot of land just over 1 square mile off Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast. The island is only accessible by a half-hour boat ride from Big Corn Island, and at the time only half the island had electricity, so it … Continue reading