Writing Services

In addition to writing true stories for use by businesses, nonprofits, magazines, and individuals, I also do content writing, particularly in the field of health and wellness (blog posts, articles, ebooks, guides, brochures, web copy, etc.). Please contact me below to discuss a project or ongoing need.


You already know I’m passionate about telling true stories of life-changing events. But hearing others’ stories is more than entertainment — stories help us get inside the minds of others and better understand their point of view. (Read the About page for more info on why I think stories are so important.)

This ability to help others understand where we’re coming from is exactly why stories are vital for businesses and nonprofits. You may understand how your product or service helps improve the lives of other people, but those other people may not. Tell them a story they can relate to — about another customer or client, about your own struggles, or about the beneficiary of your nonprofit services — and you’ll be on the same page.

But there’s more to it than just telling a story. To win people over, you have to craft your story carefully, using certain elements and putting them together in a certain way. I know the essential elements a story must have to be compelling, and how to present them in a way that keeps readers interested and on your side.

Contact me below to discuss how I can help bring the stories most important to you to life.


Would your company or clients benefit from a 15 percent increase in sales? For that matter, would you benefit if your company or clients increased sales by 15 percent?

This may sound like a big claim, but I guarantee that if you hire me as a freelance content writer, you and your clients will see that kind of growth.

Why? A few reasons.

– I’m passionate about the topics I choose to write about — especially health and wellness — and accept only projects that I believe are a good fit for me. This comes through in my writing and gets readers excited about their own health — and your company’s or clients’ products.

– I’m comfortable with many writing styles, but gravitate toward a knowledgeable yet conversational tone, which tends to draw readers in and gain their trust.

– I’m flexible and get my copy in on time. In addition to making your job easier, this means the content goes up quicker, so your company or clients start seeing a profit sooner.

– I also work as a proofreader/copy editor in AP and Chicago styles, so I turn in copy that is both precisely phrased and error-free. This is no small benefit, given that some companies DOUBLE their sales upon correcting a single website typo.

I know that my copy is effective because I’ve tested it over and over. Also, I’m fascinated by psychology and have read extensively both in and out of academic settings about the sometimes counterintuitive ways people make purchasing decisions.


In my work as a freelance writer/copy editor since 2006, I’ve worked with over 60 clients. My work has included:

– writing over 200 content marketing articles/guides/blog posts/brochures/web pages for content marketing companies and B2C companies

– writing and publishing approximately 175 magazine and newspaper articles, including many cover stories, for Austin Monthly, Yoga Sanga, the Austin Business Journal, Tasmanian Life, CultureMap, Texas School Business, Long Island Bride and Groom, and many others (read selected clips here)

– proofreading or copyediting in Chicago style dozens of books for the University of Texas Press, individual authors, and small presses

– proofreading or copyediting in AP style almost 100 issues of the Austin Business Journal, Austin Monthly magazine, Texas School Business magazine, and countless instances of marketing copy, advertisements, brochures, reports, letters, web pages, newsletters, and more

To discuss your business’s content needs, please contact me below.

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